• WHO–Compliant V-SERIES Q-ION

    V-SERIES Q-ION Long-lasting, Contactless, Antimicrobial Protection – V-SERIES Q-ION which does mainly commercial air-purifying services, has now launched a brand new range of consumer products using the same revolutionary contactlessV-SERIES Q-ION with Reso-Charged Technology.

    Its long-lasting, contactless, antimicrobial protection solution kills pathogens within 5cm from surfaces.

    V-SERIES Q-ION is certified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Food and Drug Administration of Philippines (FDA).

    Many antimicrobial products in the market only eliminate pathogens on a purely contact-basis.  These products, especially those which are alcohol-based, are  also unsafe for the skin.

    V-SERIES Q-ION is a revolutionary CONTACTLESSLONG-LASTING water-based anti-microbial solution that adheres to surfaces for more prolonged periods using revolutionary Resonance Technology, allowing it to withstand routine wiping and cleaning.  It also improves air quality and is safe for children and pets, extinguishing common concerns of toxicity and flammability of common sanitizers.  The coronavirus is going to stick around and it is best to get the necessary protection needed with V-SERIES Q-ION.

    It eliminates pathogens such as bacteria, virus, mold, fungi, algae even before they reach the surface.