V-series by Q-ION

V-Series Q-Ion Water-Based Hands and Surface Protection & Sanitiser

V-Series Q-ION with Reso-Charged TechnologyPrevention is better than cure! Bacteria and virus are killed 5cm – way before they touch any surfaces or your skin!

Many antimicrobial products in the market only eliminate pathogens on a purely contact-basis.  These products, especially those which are alcohol-based, are also unsafe for the skin.

V-Series Q-ION is a revolutionary CONTACTLESS,  LONG-LASTING water-based anti-microbial solution that adheres to surfaces for more prolonged periods using revolutionary Reso-Charged Technology, allowing it to withstand routine wiping and cleaning.  It also improves air quality and is safe for children and pets, extinguishing common concerns of toxicity and flammability of common sanitizers.

It eliminates pathogens such as bacteria, virus, mold, fungi, algae even before they reach the surface.

Why V-Series Q-ION is Unique

Fast Results
Eliminates pathogens within seconds compared to other disinfectants or alcohol-based sanitizing solutions.

Durability can last up to 24 hours for V-Series Q-ION SAFE and 60days for V-Series Q-IONPROTECT.

Pathogens are eliminated within 5cm away from the surface.

Safe and Gentle on the Skin
Using only natural minerals, this water-based, non-toxic,  non-flammable  solution is so free from alcohol and fragrance products.  safe to apply to the whole body, safe for children and pets as well.

360-degree All-Round Protection
Can be applied to the whole body not just hands.  All surfaces and touch oints can be sanitized.

Certified Lab Test
Lab test reports have proven an elimination rate of 99.99% for viruses and bacteria.